6 Degrees of Film has moved!

Moon Light Street

Hello Film Fans: I’m writing to you to let you know that we have made a slight move! Each week I’m still working on the film articles and the stories and reviews that have been a part of this film blog for over a decade. But the website is now operating from the 6 Degrees Writer hub. Here’s the link.

I am asking my followers, fans and friends to sign up for the monthly Newsletter- 6 Degrees of Film-and also you will  receive a short wrap up weekly that’s chock full of the latest stories and news from the 6 Degrees Magazine online. We also feature Holiday Film news as well as special features such as excerpts from the book: 6 Degrees of Film. And downloadable E-books like the upcoming; Pioneers of #MeToo: Strong women in Hollywood films;

Join us each week at 6 Degrees of Film! See you at the movies!


The 6 Degrees Writer