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Hello Film Fans! 6 Degrees of Film has moved to the new website…but we are on Flipboard with daily updates and weekly Facebook posts to keep you apprised of all the latest ‘goings-on’ in the world of film-making. Please visit us to check out the Summer Film News, with all the films debuting through the summer of 2021!

This week in Friday Flix, 6 Degrees Magazine looks at Rolling Stone’s list of must-see movies to be aired at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival!  The film reviews includes Lin Manuel-Miranda’s much-awaited film musical “In the Heights” about his own life growing up in New York’s Heights.  Some older films are mentioned in the Classic Movie Blog-although The Tender Trap is probably the best of these, it’s more of a comedy than a musical. It starred Debbie Reynolds and Frank Sinatra, and was released in 1955. There’s also mention of a good book about the Golden Age of Comedy called “King of the Half Hour.”

There’s even a teaser for the big summer film of 2022! It’s Jurassic World: Dominion, to be released in June of 2022! There’s a lot of ‘buzz’ about the new Loki series, with all sorts of hints and clues regarding the MCU’s character origins that sounds intriguing.  And for those who love all things about film, check out Film School Rejects piece on “Dietrich Lighting” which is chronicled in a 1999 Documentary by Werner Herzog called My Best Friend. All this and more are found in this week’s 6 Degrees of Film online. Check it out today!