Hollywood reports worst box office numbers in over a decade


mgm-1943 stable of starsI hate to say “I told you so” but….the evidence is clear. Hollywood is reporting the worst box office numbers in over a decade. The reason? You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out… the movies aren’t very good. Most of them are downright awful. The remakes aren’t good either, and some of the original films were not worth re-making. But the projects are given the green light based solely on what sells tickets overseas. The writers with original ideas are now working for cable shows on the small screen. That is the wave of the future.

My recommendation continues to be: Watch classic films on the small screen or look for cable programs to see new and innovative content. I’m excited about Director Steven Soderbergh’s latest project coming to Cinemax-The Knick with Clive Owen. I’m still waiting to see Calvary, which has gotten pretty good press. The other success story of the summer is , a film that took ten years to create. Not much chance of a sequel on that one anytime soon! The films in the latter part of the summer that I’ve seen and reviewed continue to be classics from the vaults of Hollywood.

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