The End of the Interview

The interview pixThis has to be one of the least funny comedies I’ve ever seen. This film should have gone straight to video, but not for the same reasons it did become controversial. There is really no point to the plot. And for that matter, the plot points that supposedly flow from scene to scene make this a jumbled mess of a story without rhyme or reason.

There is no need to bring in the CIA in the early stages of the story to act as the straight man for the initial plot to kill the leader of North Korea. For that matter, why not make it a fictional country or just change the name of the real leader? This is not a deep film. Nor is it one that is well planned or executed.

It’s a genre that is known as juvenilia. I suppose that the target audience would be twelve to fourteen year old boys. Lots of butt jokes and juvenile humor combined with some gory scenes round out the hilarity.

Seth Rogen and James Franco are better than this mess. I would be embarrassed to think the President of the United States and other leading statesmen might waste their time watching this piece of you-know-what. It’s not worth a trip to the movies, or even a download. This is…so bad it’s not worth even talking about-or writing about! End of story.

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