Kingsman: The Secret Service review

ThiKingsman 2015s is a lighter and fairly forgettable film for a younger audience. It’s too violent in spots but not half bad….Samuel L. Jackson tries to add a twist to his role of evil villain by adding a lisp to the character. For the most part, it doesn’t quite pan out.

There’s one funny bit with a McDonald’s burger being served to the snobby and upper crust Englishman Harry Hart, played by Colin Firth. Firth is at his ironic best as the suave and debonair version of James Bond as Mentor. Taron Egerton as “Eggsy” is quite unmemorable as the young protégé of the Kingsman Hart .

The story revolves around a group of young recruits, including Eggsy (Egerton), being trained to become spies as they ultimately narrow the field down to the one who will become the exceptional Kingsman (or woman). The film has its moments. What it lacks in plot it more than compensates for with CGI plus over the top violence.

It would be a fun date movie for a younger crowd who decided to settle for action over romance. Not a must-see but entertaining enough if you’re in the mood for some lighter fare with a slight helping of gore.

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