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Greetings Film Buffs! Here are the notes from the Hurricane Evacuation last weekend here in Tampa. My Friday Flix notes were not published, but were just a few random thoughts I wrote up in anticipation of the big blow. We were lucky here in Tampa, but Irma didn’t spare many regions, and we’ve been without power in so many places around town, but especially the hard-hit areas in South Florida and the Keys, and in the Caribbean and the US Virgin Islands. Thoughts are with those folks.

Notes from Last week-Notes from Hurricane Irma: We are planning for a big blow here in Tampa from Hurricane Irma. How I long for the carefree days of yore when we treated Hurricanes much like the Addams Family members, planning Hurricane Parties and just having fun in a macabre and sick kind of way! Now, things are serious with evacuations and the forecast models where we track the storms to the point where there is no point in doing anything but, as John Belushi suggested in Animal House, “Start drinking heavily!” With that in mind, I’m offering the Fall Film Newsletter from last week for the Friday Flix Fans.

Back to the Present:  For this week,  6 Degrees Magazine has reviews of many of the new films listed in the newsletter. There’s also an interesting web page from the American Film Institute where you can check off how many films you’ve seen in the top 100 Films List (I saw 89 of them).
There’s another link to the interesting site: Does the Dog Die? Found on Facebook. And the National Film Registry Listing is also featured, which works to nominate and preserve films from the past 100 years of movie making history. All of these sites are recommended so check them out.
Also featured, a post from The Macguffin site: The Legacy of Star Wars. And the latest films you find featured in the Fall Film Newsletter are reviewed in 6 Degrees magazine. The Florida Project with Willem Dafoe, Mother! with Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Pfeiffer (Pfeiffer steals the show according to Ebert.com); IT from Stephen King; the Indie film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri with Frances McDormand– (“The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it”-great quote from Flannery O’Connor featured in the Ebert review)’ and Suburbicon- which, by the way, wasn’t recommended.
There’s a post about the Golden Age of Hollywood director Otto Preminger, who directed one of my favorite Film Noir movies- Laura. And another piece about the original version of what was dubbed a “modern screwball comedy”, the film The In-Laws from 1979 with Peter Falk and Alan Arkin.
There are two film festivals featured, both the Toronto Film Festival and Telluride. And one of the films I’m looking forward to seeing: The Shape of Water from director Guillermo del Toro is also reviewed. The only running controversy for this week has been the debate about the effects that the Rotten Tomatoes site has on film sales. The research says!….No, there’s no discernable correlation between the scores either good or bad and the sale of tickets to films reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes.

So glad to be home and to be online and to be with friends and family and all the film fans out there – till next time when I’ll see you at the movies!-ML

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Author of "6 Degrees of Film: The Future of Film in the Global Village", Ms. Johnson continues to blog on film and publishes a newsletter plus the Flipboard magazine 6 Degrees of Film @ the Movies. Her book is currently available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Degrees-Film-Future-Global-Village/

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