Flame on, Robin Williams

Robin Williams 2014The funny thing about Robin Williams death is that it is a shocking thing. It does not surprise us that he died, but the fact that he was able to stem the light from such a great ball of energy that was his existence is shocking for most of us. We knew him, and felt we knew him, because he made himself accessible to all of us.
He was so vulnerable and sweet, that even the most cynical and cutting of comments that he made came out in a rush of love and humor and little-boy badness. No one could fault him for telling the truth. He was who he was. He was a great talent and a troubled soul. Warts and all, we could see in his eyes the light of that sweet and vulnerable soul.
I’m reminded of a comedian on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show talking about the Crocodile Hunter’s death. Although it was tragic, the comic said, “For a Crocodile Hunter, 42 is a ripe old age!” In retrospect, Robin Williams lived to the fullest for the 63 years we knew him on this Earth. He burned so brightly that the light was bound to flame out. That is the curse of genius and the blessing. We are lucky to have known such a man through his work. Flame on forever, Robin. You may find some peace and a place to lay your weary head.

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