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Hello film fans! We are hearing a lot of rumors that AMC theatres, one of the last big, national movie chains, is talking about bankruptcy. This is not unexpected, as we are still not through with the coronavirus crisis. And here at 6 Degrees, we have spent some time re-imagining what the film industry will look like when the iconic movie chains begin to fade away.

There is always a place for watching the great movies on the big screen. But there are now so many alternatives, that it is inevitable that the movie theatres of the past will be reinvented. Perhaps they’ll share space with corporate America or mega-churches, or be reinvented as educational pods. Who knows? But it’s something worth pondering…

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For this week, 6 Degrees Magazine is featuring the Turner Classic Movies & Film Comment pick of the month- Paul Newman is featured as a director. Many may not realize that Newman came into the profession through the Actors’ Studio, with a young James Dean. One of my essays in the 6 Degrees of film book is about the notion that with James Dean’s death, the torch of the young mis-understood rebel passed to Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Newman even took over his role in the film about Rocky Marciano: Somebody Up There Likes Me.

6 Degrees Recommends: Civil Rights at the Movies

With the unrest in so many American cities around the issue of race and police brutality, there are several films recommended by critics dealing with this issue. Malcolm X is one that starred Denzel Washington, and though it’s a good film, it somehow hits us over the head with an issue where, forgiving this metaphor, we need to deal with it in a more subtle manner at times, in contrast with many of the heavy-handed tactics we’ve seen in recent days.

That may be the continuing allure of To Kill a Mockingbird. The issue is always there, running quietly throughout and into the courtroom scenes. And though it is bubbling underneath the surface, the innocence of the children, and the iron-clad integrity of the father, Atticus, drives this film to its powerful conclusion.  That is why it’s still recommended as one of the greatest portrayals in how we, as Americans, deal with racial issues in this country.

In recent years, there have been films like Hidden Figures & The Green Book, and both are very good in regard to confronting the topic of race. But if you are interested in exploring racial tensions and the history of the Civil Rights Era, please watch Eyes on the Prize; the award-winning 14-part documentary series that chronicles the era that brought us civil rights reforms in this country. We are not there yet, as Dr King said, but watching the film series, and seeing the real footage, will help us see that we have made progress to reach the promised land he spoke of so eloquently and now so long ago.

Happy Birthday, Clint!

From the magazine, 6 Degrees, we also recommend the articles listing several of Clint Eastwood movies, as he is turning 90 years old this week! Some of his films that don’t get as much attention are Clint Singing in the musical with Lee Marvin, Paint Your Wagon; one of his earlier thrillers Play Misty for Me, and the comedic western with Shirley MacLaine: Two Mules for Sister Sara. Sadly, I confess that I cannot watch The Outlaw Josey Wales without reciting all the dialogue along with the characters! It was said that Orson Welles loved this film also, so I do feel quite justified (as a critic),in my adoration for this classic Eastwood Western.

Pinterest & Drive-in Movies

For those on Pinterest, please check out some of the drive-in movie theater pictures that give us a beautiful, graphic story of the days when the Bad-B’s were eagerly ignored onscreen- as teenagers and families flocked to drive-ins across the country for entertainment, and not always the kind found on celluloid! It was a simpler time, and we cannot return to that past, but the pictures tell some of the story with fun images of the best parts of the drive-in movie experience.

The 6 Degrees Writer

The 6 Degrees Writer

Film Fans, we have moved the 6 Degrees of Film site to a new location- The 6 Degrees Writer website! Please join us there and check out some of the other recommended reads and resources we’ve put together. We are still going strong at 6 Degrees of Film Blog after ten years, with the 6 Degrees Magazine weekly on Flipboard, along with my Aussie Contributor & Colleague Jason King, as well as the other critics & articles recommended weekly. On Facebook, check out the new 6 Degree Writer page where we go through each Friday and list the latest and best of the web’s movie reviews and film sites.  Till next time, friends, stay safe, stay cool, and see you at the movies!-ML

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